tea and me

I have been drinking tea for most of my life.  I remember my mom having a cup of the hot beverage ready for us when we returned from school.   However, as I grew up, I much preferred coffee and would only have a cup of tea, along with chips and chocolate on Sundays before church.  This has changed recently!

Tea and I have been reacquainted.

For my last birthday, I received a tea mug from David’s Tea with an infuser from our youngest daughter.  It came with loose leaves called “mommy’s little helper”.  The flavor was so good!  It was a refreshing herbal tea with a hint of mint in it.  I have used it up quite a while ago, but have since been discovering different varieties of teas.  Some of which are great, and others not so much.  However, drinking tea has become a regular part of my afternoon schedule.  Not only do I enjoy drinking it, but there’s something satisfying in listening to the hot, bubbling water being poured into the cup and smelling the aromas that arise!


Two of the teas that I am currently drinking are shown above.

I discovered “Licorice Spice”tea by Stash a while ago and it’s my all-time favorite!  It has a pleasant aroma of spices and a licorice flavour which I love – this probably due to my Dutch background; the Dutch are after all known for their love of black licorice candies.

“Rooibos Crème Caramel” by Teapigs – I picked this tea up from the clearance rack in our local grocery store.  It had a 50% off sticker on it.  I have no idea why as it is was so delicious!  It has a sweet, full and rich flavour.   I normally drink my tea just slightly sweetened, but I think adding milk to this tea would also work well.  I only have one tea bag left.  I should’ve grabbed them all.


I’ve found this tea mug to be very handy.  As I mentioned above, it came from David’s Tea.  While your tea is steeping in the infuser, it is covered with a glass lid which can later be used as a holding dish for the infuser to sit in when you are ready to drink your tea.


When you have a cuppa tea, you must have a piece of chocolate, of course.

Are you a tea drinker or do you prefer coffee?  Let me know what some of your favourite teas are!


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