diy ~ wall letter craft

This summer has been a beautiful one so far and we’ve spent lots of time outside.  I do love the occasional rainy day, though!  There’s something cozy and comforting about spending the day indoors.  Here’s an idea for a fun craft to do with the kids.

This is a very quick and easy way to add a little, colorful fun to a bare wall in your home!   I did this craft a few years back with the kids and the result was great!

What you will need:

– wooden or cardboard letters

– paint brushes

– craft glue or tacky glue

– vintage children books (you can often find these at thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets etc.)

wall letter craft 02

Now to get started, create a little craft space covered with newspaper or old sheets to work on.

Carefully tear pieces out of the books to use for your craft.  Try to tear pieces that have lots of color and still contain a full image.  When you have a nice little pile, you can start applying them to your letters. Make sure your letters are clean and remove any dust.  Work on one letter at a time.  With a paintbrush, cover  the letter with a thin layer of glue and carefully place the pieces of paper on top.



When you are finished and all the little spaces are covered, apply one more coat of glue over the whole letter. This will keep the pieces of paper in place and give it a smooth finish. Finish the remaining letters and let them dry for a few hours.


That’s it! You can mount them on a wall or set them on a shelf or dresser! Remember you can be creative and cover them with any sort of paper such as newspaper, wall paper, wrapping paper or any themes book that you’re willing to tear up!

Now go gather your supplies and check the forecast!

Have a lovely weekend!
– marga


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