a day at the market

Today we went to the farmer’s market.  I’ve been to this market many, many times, already since I was a young girl. It is a very well-known market and is considered a tourist attraction.  Definitely one of my favourite places to visit during the summer, well, anytime of the year, really.  It is located about an hour and a half drive from where we live.

St. Jacobs Farmers MarketI love going to a market.  It is such a busy place.  To start, finding a parking spot is so typical.  Everyone wants to find the best space (including us).  People waiting impatiently in their car with their blinker on, indicating they own the spot of the elderly couple slowly packing their trunk and getting ready to leave.  Today was such a day.

 I love markets for their variety.  Variety in foods, in people, in color, in cultures, in noises.IMG_8764

imageAnd then there’s the clown… The girls were a bit skeptical at first but his entertainment attempt worked.  They were happy with his balloon creations and I’m sure he appreciated our donation.image

We decided to get our share of fresh, locally-grown produce at the end of the visit so we wouldn’t have to drag it all with us.  The benefit of that is that you get it for a much better deal.  The only dilemma you have is choosing which loud, auctioneering voice you most appeal to as the vendors want to try and go home empty-handed.  We came home with this.imageI might make roasted tomato soup this weekend.  These tomatoes look just perfect.  If I get around to it, I will share a great recipe that I’ve used several times already.image

Until then, good night!

– marga


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