snaps of the week | #7

Saturday is here again and so a peek into the past week.

Only ONE week left until the big yellow bus arrives!!!  Bittersweet.

Time for a morning coffee on the front porch.

Have a great weekend!

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making the most of our last summer days

Yesterday was a fun day for us!  After finishing up some chores and doing some errands in town, we packed up some snacks and drinks and headed to Clovermead Adventure Farm. Together with my sister and a whole lot of kids, we left in the early afternoon.  We kept an eye on the sky because grey clouds kept hovering over.  It was a chilly afternoon for August, so we packed some extra clothes.


We discovered this place a few years ago and we’ve been back several times.  It is great place to spend time with family.  There is something fun for kids of all ages and every year that we return, there are new activities for the kids to do.

If you enjoy old-fashioned outdoor fun, rather than spending your day in an expensive, commercialized attraction park, this is the place to be.  It is well worth your money!  There are farm animals, pedal karts, mazes, zip-lining, an enchanted trail, large bouncer pillows, wagon rides, numerous hand-built play structures and much more.

The scenery isvery beautiful.  When you arrive, it feels like you’re taking a stroll back in time.  There is an old historical village that you walk through as you arrive and there are old antique and vintage buildings, machinery and other items throughout the farm.

Clovermead is a very educational place as it is an apiary.   There so much to learn as the beekeeper teaches you about about bees and honey production.  It’s amazing how God gave these creatures such an important role in this world!

There are many humorous signs around the farm!

The rain stayed away for the most part.  It drizzled for a bit, but that didn’t stop us from having fun.

We ran out of time to visit the gift shop.  We will have to try some of their delicious flavoured honey when we come back!



Bedtime will be early tonight.  We have another outing planned for tomorrow!

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a little photoshoot featuring: The Measure

I’m excited to share with you one of my favourite clothing designers for little girls!  Last week, I decided to take Ava and Zara out for a little photoshoot.  They are both wearing dresses designed by Kiki Fluhr from The Measure.

The MeasureI bought these dresses a while back and I love them both.  The Measure carries beautiful pieces of clothing for girls.  Kiki Fluhr uses vintage fabrics as well as upcycled Oxford shirts for her designs.

The dress that Zara is wearing (above), was previously worn by Isabella.  It has been washed many times and it has kept it’s bold , bright and full colors.  The big, floral blossoms on the skirt are so pretty.

This blue/green-toned dress suits Ava perfectly (above). Blue is her favourite color so wearing it makes her happy.  It flows so nicely when she runs and twirls.  I love the light, blue border on the dark, green section at the bottom.  The fabrics used in this dress have different textures and patterns which makes it very pretty and whimsical!


Check out The Measure if you are looking for a special outfit for your little girl.  Whether it be for a special occasion or a hot day at the beach.  You’ll find something perfect.

The Measure



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random favourites | #2

We have already passed the middle of August which means it’s time for another little collection of favourite things.

So here we go…

Favourite Things 2


  1. Crème Carmello Rooibos Tea by Steeped Tea – Last month I ordered some different pouches of tea through an online party hosted by my friend.  I have never tried any of Steeped Tea’s varieties before.  This one was my favourite.  I like rooibos teas and this particular one has a soft, sweet and mellow flavor.
  2. If you are like me and you crave a bag of chips at night, you should definitely try the Snapea Crisps, specifically the black pepper flavor. Scrumptious.  These are much healthier than your typical fried potato chips.  They are available at Sobey’s and I believe I’ve seen them in some other grocery stores as well.  So grab yourself a bag, dig in and don’t feel guilty.
  3. I picked this up this little bottle of eau de toilette from the clearance shelf at our local pharmacy.  Initially, it was the cute little box that it came in that caught my eye, but when I smelled it, I knew I couldn’t leave it for $9.99.  It’s a lovely, sweet, summer scent. Laugh with me LeeLee by Benefit
  4. J.R. WATKINS Hand Soap – I love this soap.  This one is the Aloe-green tea kind.  I’ve also tried the Lavender soap; it’s also very good.  These products are inexpensive and look great next to the sink.  Available at the local pharmacy.
  5. Finally, I wanted to share this cute silver ring from the farmer’s market last month.  My sister in law and I both got one (I believe I still need to pay her back! :)).  Anyway, I love the simplicity of it!

Stop by again next month to see some more favourite things!

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a date at the antique store

Hello there, I hope you’re having a happy Monday!

Last week was a busy one! It was good, but busy.  By the time Saturday afternoon rolled around, we still needed to do our weekly grocery trip and run some other errands.  So, we decided to get a sitter for the kids and have a little errand date together!  We hadn’t spent much time together the during the past few weeks and so this was a chance for us to catch up a little.  Before heading to all the places that we needed to go, Johannes suggested we spend some time in the local antique store here in town.  Of course, I agreed.  So with coffee in hand, we went in.

Antique store dateAntique shopping can be so much fun.  We both enjoy it.  Actually, Johannes even more so than I.  He likes to collect old vintage items such as clocks and framed pictures for his office.  The fun part: you never know what you will run into.  As you walk down the aisles, it feels like you’re going back in time.  There is so much history in every booth.

Antique shopping

We didn’t have anything specific that we were looking for but several pieces caught my eye:

Antique shopping

I love the look of old red and white tins and pans.  If I had more room in my kitchen, I would definelty use or display them!

Antique shopping

Pretty dishes

Antique shopping

Old perfume bottles.  Interesting shapes and sizes.  Smelling what’s inside them would be a little less pleasant, me thinks!

Antique shopping

Interestingly, I came across this cute, little book.  The kids just watched this old-time classic movie recently.

Antique shopping

I was amazed at how many salt and pepper shakers I saw!  There were so many in different shapes, sizes.

Anitque shopping

So what did we come home with, you wonder?!

Antique shopping

  •  large green basket – you can never have enough storage baskets for toys, teddies, blankets and such.  I think I will put this one in Noah’s room.  His room has mainly red accent colors and a pop of green will be fun.
  • a glass flask – for Johannes’ office.  Who knows what he’ll fill it with.
  • a large tin pot with lid – I finally have something to store potatoes in.
  • an old pair of glasses – maybe Noah will wear them one day!

I hope you had a good weekend.  This summer seems to be flying by so quickly.  This week we are hoping to do a fun outing for the kids and maybe we will start school supply shopping too!

Until next time…

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