family camping trip and some tips to pass along

So, last week the day finally arrived.   We were ready to leave on our official family camping trip. Highly anticipated by the kids, me, on the other hand, not so much.  We had promised the kids a real camping experience this summer and the idea of setting up a tent in the back yard didn’t go over very well. They wanted the real deal.  So we booked two nights at the Pinery Provincial Park.  I had camped several times when I was a teenager and I always loved it.  However, I will admit that I wasn’t looking forward to this trip so much.  Tents, sand, potential rain, mud, raccoons, uncomfortable air mattresses and dirty little kids just didn’t appeal to me. Looking back, I feel bad for my lack of excitement.  We had a GREAT time.  My lovely sister-in-law who is visiting us for a few weeks came with us as well as my nephew,  who was a great playmate for Noah.


We were very fortunate to have great weather during our stay.  The nights were quite cool but we added some extra layers and stayed warm and cozy.

My husband had picked up this military crate many years ago at a garage sale.  It came in very handy as it was filled with all the dishes that we needed.

Camping There is something so relaxing about camping.  Before you leave, you need to realize that things will get dirty, nights might be interrupted and going to the bathroom isn’t as convenient but the memories that are made will last a lifetime.


S’mores for breakfast are a must.


Dirty little faces are the cutest.


Having papa around is the best.


I forgot my running shoes, but really,  socks in sandals are the coolest.


The sound of excited, jittery chatter in the early morning is actually so peaceful.


and campsite coffee is so satisfying.


Pinery Provincial Park is beautiful.  It is located in southwestern Ontario right on Lake Huron.  The water is clear and blue and the beaches are clean. The park is very well maintained and the amenities are neat and tidy.   It’s amazing to be able to spend some time in the middle of nature.  It makes you realize how beautifully and perfect God created this world.



I’m so glad we went.  The kids loved it and want to go back next year.  I do too.

By no means are we camping pros, but here are some camping tips that you might find helpful!

  • Arrive on time.  We arrived at our campsite around 5:00 p.m.  By the time we had navigated the area, our tents set-up,  our sleeping gear arranged, and dinner cooked, it was 7:00 p.m.  This didn’t leave us much daylight to do much anymore.
  • Bring extra warm clothes and blankets.  The nights can really cool down.  It’s great to have some extra layers of clothing and blankets to put on.
  • Bring enough batteries and propane for refills. Having to stop halfway while making pancakes is just no fun.
  • Bring tarps. Tarps are very useful to hang over your tent when it rains.  It’s also handy to put them in front of the opening of your tent to keep a lot of sand and dirt out.
  • Bring disposable sanitizing wipes. I forgot these and there were quite a few instances where a quick disinfecting wipe was very necessary.
  • Plan simple meals.  You don’t want to be spending hours prepping food and washing dishes.
  • Don’t make too many rules!  Relax and let the kids have fun.  After all, you’re camping.

If you are considering a camping trip, please do plan one.  I was skeptical, especially going with little kids, but I regret having a negative attitude.  Camping really is awesome.

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Some more little glimpses below…

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