decorating a little wall space

I’ve often looked at this empty corner in our bathroom, thinking it needed something, but never knew exactly what.  I considered hanging up some hooks to hang the girls’ headbands and necklaces on, but with the door swinging right next to it, it didn’t seem like a great idea.

bathroom decor

Then, a little while back,  I came across this little square shelf set at Walmart (link below).  I thought of several little spaces in our home where we could mount them.  It came in a set of three (small, medium, large) and I decided the medium-sized one would be perfect for the bathroom.

Since I lack all skills when it comes to using screwdrivers, drills, nails and the like, my husband helped me and had it mounted in minutes.

bathroom decor

It added a nice, little touch to the space and serves as a perfect little spot for some perfume, cologne and room spray bottles.

bathroom decor

You really don’t need much dress up some wall space.  Often, less is more!

bathroom decor

here is the link to the product :

Have a lovely day!

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