random favourites | #2

We have already passed the middle of August which means it’s time for another little collection of favourite things.

So here we go…

Favourite Things 2


  1. Crème Carmello Rooibos Tea by Steeped Tea – Last month I ordered some different pouches of tea through an online party hosted by my friend.  I have never tried any of Steeped Tea’s varieties before.  This one was my favourite.  I like rooibos teas and this particular one has a soft, sweet and mellow flavor.
  2. If you are like me and you crave a bag of chips at night, you should definitely try the Snapea Crisps, specifically the black pepper flavor. Scrumptious.  These are much healthier than your typical fried potato chips.  They are available at Sobey’s and I believe I’ve seen them in some other grocery stores as well.  So grab yourself a bag, dig in and don’t feel guilty.
  3. I picked this up this little bottle of eau de toilette from the clearance shelf at our local pharmacy.  Initially, it was the cute little box that it came in that caught my eye, but when I smelled it, I knew I couldn’t leave it for $9.99.  It’s a lovely, sweet, summer scent. Laugh with me LeeLee by Benefit
  4. J.R. WATKINS Hand Soap – I love this soap.  This one is the Aloe-green tea kind.  I’ve also tried the Lavender soap; it’s also very good.  These products are inexpensive and look great next to the sink.  Available at the local pharmacy.
  5. Finally, I wanted to share this cute silver ring from the farmer’s market last month.  My sister in law and I both got one (I believe I still need to pay her back! :)).  Anyway, I love the simplicity of it!

Stop by again next month to see some more favourite things!

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