a little photoshoot featuring: The Measure

I’m excited to share with you one of my favourite clothing designers for little girls!  Last week, I decided to take Ava and Zara out for a little photoshoot.  They are both wearing dresses designed by Kiki Fluhr from The Measure.

The MeasureI bought these dresses a while back and I love them both.  The Measure carries beautiful pieces of clothing for girls.  Kiki Fluhr uses vintage fabrics as well as upcycled Oxford shirts for her designs.

The dress that Zara is wearing (above), was previously worn by Isabella.  It has been washed many times and it has kept it’s bold , bright and full colors.  The big, floral blossoms on the skirt are so pretty.

This blue/green-toned dress suits Ava perfectly (above). Blue is her favourite color so wearing it makes her happy.  It flows so nicely when she runs and twirls.  I love the light, blue border on the dark, green section at the bottom.  The fabrics used in this dress have different textures and patterns which makes it very pretty and whimsical!


Check out The Measure if you are looking for a special outfit for your little girl.  Whether it be for a special occasion or a hot day at the beach.  You’ll find something perfect.

The Measure



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