a little fall inspiration + fall fun to-do list

Fall decor

With a changing season, it is always delightful to bring a coordinating touch into the home!  I never completely alter my décor according to the time of year but it’s great to add some little touches here and there.Fall decorPlacing a few comfy blankets on the couch, lighting some apple-spiced candles, and setting out a few little pumpkins is an easy and simple way to create a cozy atmosphere appropriate for fall.Fall decorFall decorI love little white pumpkins!white pumpkinsThere are so many fun activities to do as a family in the fall.  It’s a great time of year to bundle up and head outdoors, put on an apron and put your culinary skills to work, or start a new hobby.  I’ve compiled a short list to give you some ideas!

~ Fall Fun To-Do List ~

  • plan a hike through the woods, enjoying the vibrant colors
  • try a new fall recipe
  • visit a local corn maze
  • cozy up a corner or small space in your home
  • go apple picking at a local apple orchard
  • bake your favourite casserole and bring it to a friend
  • go for a beautiful scenic drive
  • head out to a pumpkin patch and let the kids pick their favourite
  • plan a games night with friends
  • treat yourself to a new cozy sweater or pair of boots
  • make your own caramel apples
  • teach yourself to knit or crochet and make a new scarf
  • have the kids bake cookies and bring deliver them to the neighbours

Fall funI’m planning on doing a little fall recipe “trilogy” in the next little while so stay tuned for that!

Goodnight friends!

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snaps of the week | #11

Hello, hello friends!

homemade pizzas, thrift store dress-up, volunteering, impromptu lunch date, cleaning, bowling, choir, an ouchy finger – that pretty much sums up our week.

 We are on our way to pick some of Ontario’s finest produce this morning.   We have a few viewings scheduled at our house today, which means we need to be away from home.  So, a trip to the market works out wonderfully.  My brother and his wife work there so we’ll be sure to bug them.

A good weekend to y’all!

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random favourites | #3

“… these are a few of my favourite things!” 🎶.

I recently went to see the Sound of Music play with a couple of friends and it was definitely a favourite highlight of this month.  The parts were very well-played, particularly that of Maria and little Gretel.  The music was beautiful.  The costumes were perfect.  The stage setup and props that were used weren’t extravagant, but enjoyable enough.  All in all, well worth the $25 tickets.

Anyway, it’s time to share some of my recent favourite things with you.

Randon Fav 31. Nature’s Aid – an all-purpose, safe and effective natural treatment for skin – first aid – pain – beauty aid.  This all natural skin gel contains aloe vera, tea tree, witch hazel, vitamin E and rosemary.  We’ve used this now for over a year and it works great for so many things.  The kids will put it on insect bites and bruises.  It also works well for sun burns and other skin irriations.  I apply it to my face every morning before putting on a moisturizer.  It makes your skin feel very clean and firm.  Check out the website here for more information – this is a Canadian-based company, by the way!

2. I picked up these earrings at Old Navy earlier this month.  I love how plain and simple they are!  I’ve worn the long, thin shaped pair at the bottom numerous times.

3.  My husband received a gift box full of marinades, dressings and seasonings a while back.  We are almost of the roasted potato seasoning that came with it.  It’s from a company called Wildly Delicious (also a Canadian company!).  It’s so easy to use and very delicious.  It contains the perfect amount of flavor and salt, so no extra seasoning is needed.  Just toss your cut pieces of potatoes in some olive oil and stir the seasoning through before baking.  YUM.

4.  The scarf and pair of shoes are from Ardene.  I’ve been looking for a great pair of casual shoes and haven’t had much luck yet.  I came across these and so far I’ve been wearing them quite a lot.  The quality isn’t superb and I know they won’t last very long, but I’m surprised at how comfortable they are.  The matching scarf is handy now that cooler weather is here.

5.  We purchased a set of the glass cup and saucer a while back.  Originally, we were going to use them for drinking cappuccinos, but they ended up being hidden in the back of the cupboard.  Recently, I rediscovered them and have been drinking many a cuppa tea out of them.  They are made out of smooth, thin and delicate glass, which I much prefer for tea rather than large, cold, chunky mugs. Available at IKEA.

That’s my little collection for September!  Thanks for stopping by…

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snaps of the week | #10

I noticed there are a lot of food-related pictures on my phone this week.  I tried some new recipes and froze a few bushels of veggies for hibernation season.  Great homemaking, huh?! No, I don’t typically do much canning and freezing but not having done any of it so far this summer, I figured I better get going since the season is almost over.  I always like order fresh produce at a local Amish produce stand.  The girls there are always very helpful and have great prices.

We have a rainy day ahead of us.  I’m volunteering at the thrift store today and looking forward to a quiet, restful Sunday tomorrow!

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prosciutto brie nests

prosciutto brie nests

I love warm, baked brie.  It can be prepared in so many different ways, wrapped in pastry and/or layered with a variety of toppings.  No matter how you serve it, the creamy, warm cheese is always satisfying.

Recently, I tried some thing new.  The idea of pairing brie with prosciutto seemed quite appetizing so I made some bite-sized snacks.  Since baked prosciutto can turn out quite salty, I added some orange marmalade to give it a sweet and zesty touch.  With the creamy brie inside, these little nests turned out very tasty and delectable!  They are so easy to make and these bite-sized treats don’t create the mess like a whole round of baked brie tends to do when cut into.

All you need is:

  • thinly sliced prosciutto
  • brie, cut into 1″ cubes
  • orange marmalade
  • mini muffin pan

prosciutto brie nestsPreheat your oven to 350 F.

Press a slice of prosciutto into a mini muffin pan cup and carefully form a pocket.  (Note: if your prosciutto slices are quite wide, half a slice might be sufficient.)

Place a cube of brie into the pocket and top it with a teaspoon of orange marmalade (red pepper jelly, or any kind of sweet topping such as jam will work well too).

Close the nests by folding the prosciutto over the brie and marmalade.

prosciutto brie nests

Place the pan in the preheated oven and bake for approximately 10-12 minutes.  The prosciutto should be firm enough for the little nests to keep their shape.

Let them rest for 1-2 minutes before removing them from the pan and they are ready to be served.

I suggest pouring yourself a glass of bold, red wine to go along with these and enjoy!

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prosciutto brie nests

Note: for convenience, you can prepare these ahead of time and bake them just before serving.  Just make sure to tightly cover the nests with plastic wrap before storing them in the fridge.



snaps of the week | #9

After coming home from a little road trip last weekend, it was back to school on Tuesday.

The oldest three are excited to be back in school, which makes mama happy too.  It isn’t necessarily more quiet at home as Zara’s chatter and singing keep my eardrums going all day long.  It’s great to have a little companion around as I’m catching up on housework.

A good weekend to you all!

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back to school

back to school

And so, the summer is over.  Back to school. I always find it a day filled with mixed emotions, as any mom would.  There are jittery nerves, excitement to reunite with friends, new routines which do us all good, and just a teeny bit of sadness.back to school

School supplies are neatly labeled and checked, rechecked and checked once more.  Lunchpails are filled and shoes are neatly arranged and waiting by the door.  There’s that last hug before the bus stops and then they’re off…back to school

This summer was great.  It really was.  In all honestly, the thought of spending each day at home with my four, dear littles was wonderful and I was looking forward to it very much, but I also felt a tad bit nervous.  I love them very dearly and there’s nothing better than having them around at home.  However, I knew the days would come where boredom would prevail, often resulting in little battles, testing my patience.  So, at the start of the holidays, I told myself to try to focus on the kids rather than household organization and cleanliness.  Even though not every day was amusing and great, I realized that life is so much easier (and fun) for all when, as a mother, you just “let go” a little more.  It is so important to be available for your little ones and help create those childhood memories that they will cherish.  We made a “summer fun list” and were able to check off almost every item!back to school

In order to keep a bit of good ol’ order in our household, the kids had some extra daily chores assigned them.  They completed these after breakfast.  I was surprised how well this worked.  I think that being responsible for a small household duty gave them some form of fulfillment.

So now we turn to a new season ahead.  My favourite time of the year: FALL!  I love the feeling of refreshment that comes with it.  It is a time for new beginnings and intentions – healthier lunches, new routines, new classes, new teachers, new things to learn.  Not to forget crunchy leaves, comfy sweaters, apple crips and pumpkins.

Fall I hope this year will be a great school year for all, knowing that we may look unto God from whom we may expect all help!

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back to school