back to school

back to school

And so, the summer is over.  Back to school. I always find it a day filled with mixed emotions, as any mom would.  There are jittery nerves, excitement to reunite with friends, new routines which do us all good, and just a teeny bit of sadness.back to school

School supplies are neatly labeled and checked, rechecked and checked once more.  Lunchpails are filled and shoes are neatly arranged and waiting by the door.  There’s that last hug before the bus stops and then they’re off…back to school

This summer was great.  It really was.  In all honestly, the thought of spending each day at home with my four, dear littles was wonderful and I was looking forward to it very much, but I also felt a tad bit nervous.  I love them very dearly and there’s nothing better than having them around at home.  However, I knew the days would come where boredom would prevail, often resulting in little battles, testing my patience.  So, at the start of the holidays, I told myself to try to focus on the kids rather than household organization and cleanliness.  Even though not every day was amusing and great, I realized that life is so much easier (and fun) for all when, as a mother, you just “let go” a little more.  It is so important to be available for your little ones and help create those childhood memories that they will cherish.  We made a “summer fun list” and were able to check off almost every item!back to school

In order to keep a bit of good ol’ order in our household, the kids had some extra daily chores assigned them.  They completed these after breakfast.  I was surprised how well this worked.  I think that being responsible for a small household duty gave them some form of fulfillment.

So now we turn to a new season ahead.  My favourite time of the year: FALL!  I love the feeling of refreshment that comes with it.  It is a time for new beginnings and intentions – healthier lunches, new routines, new classes, new teachers, new things to learn.  Not to forget crunchy leaves, comfy sweaters, apple crips and pumpkins.

Fall I hope this year will be a great school year for all, knowing that we may look unto God from whom we may expect all help!

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back to school







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