random favourites | #3

“… these are a few of my favourite things!” 🎢.

I recently went to see the Sound of Music play with a couple of friends and it was definitely a favourite highlight of this month.  The parts were very well-played, particularly that of Maria and little Gretel.  The music was beautiful.  The costumes were perfect.  The stage setup and props that were used weren’t extravagant, but enjoyable enough.  All in all, well worth the $25 tickets.

Anyway, it’s time to share some of my recent favourite things with you.

Randon Fav 31. Nature’s Aid – an all-purpose, safe and effective natural treatment for skin – first aid – pain – beauty aid.  This all natural skin gel contains aloe vera, tea tree, witch hazel, vitamin E and rosemary.  We’ve used this now for over a year and it works great for so many things.  The kids will put it on insect bites and bruises.  It also works well for sun burns and other skin irriations.  I apply it to my face every morning before putting on a moisturizer.  It makes your skin feel very clean and firm.  Check out the website here for more information – this is a Canadian-based company, by the way!

2. I picked up these earrings at Old Navy earlier this month.  I love how plain and simple they are!  I’ve worn the long, thin shaped pair at the bottom numerous times.

3.  My husband received a gift box full of marinades, dressings and seasonings a while back.  We are almost of the roasted potato seasoning that came with it.  It’s from a company called Wildly Delicious (also a Canadian company!).  It’s so easy to use and very delicious.  It contains the perfect amount of flavor and salt, so no extra seasoning is needed.  Just toss your cut pieces of potatoes in some olive oil and stir the seasoning through before baking.  YUM.

4.  The scarf and pair of shoes are from Ardene.  I’ve been looking for a great pair of casual shoes and haven’t had much luck yet.  I came across these and so far I’ve been wearing them quite a lot.  The quality isn’t superb and I know they won’t last very long, but I’m surprised at how comfortable they are.  The matching scarf is handy now that cooler weather is here.

5.  We purchased a set of the glass cup and saucer a while back.  Originally, we were going to use them for drinking cappuccinos, but they ended up being hidden in the back of the cupboard.  Recently, I rediscovered them and have been drinking many a cuppa tea out of them.  They are made out of smooth, thin and delicate glass, which I much prefer for tea rather than large, cold, chunky mugs. Available at IKEA.

That’s my little collection for September!  Thanks for stopping by…

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