jamie oliver’s butternut squash soup | fall recipe trilogy ~ #1

Jamie Oliver butternut squash soupI’m excited to share the first of three fall recipes with you this evening.  I was skimming the internet for a great butternut squash soup and there were so many to choose from.  I decided to try Jamie Oliver’s version.  The recipe appeared to be quite simple and the combination of the ingredients sounded delightful. Jamie Oliver butternut sqaush soup I have made butternut squash soup before but the recipe I used, included generous amounts of heavy cream, cream cheese and the like.  It was very delicious but this time I wanted try to a lighter version.  Jamie Oliver’s recipe includes loads of vegetables and savory herbs, yet tastes very creamy.imageI love butternut squash soup for its comforting, earthy and savory flavour and creamy texture.  I would recommend eating it as a first course or accompanied by bread and a fresh salad.

If you’re looking for a great butternut squash soup recipe for your upcoming Thanksgiving dinner, I highly recommend you try this one!  It makes a large amount so you will have plenty to feed your guests.

For the recipe link, click here.

I’ll be back soon with another fall recipe.  Until then, goodnight!

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