random favourites | #4

I hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday so far!

I’ve been meaning to post this earlier this week, but we’ve been so busy the last few days.  Zara is napping and I’m taking advantage of the peace and quiet by enjoying some tea and blogging time!

Here is another little assortment of random favourites.

random favourites1.  Isn’t this a fun little pouch?  It’s been living in my purse ever since I got it from my sister-in-law this past summer.  It’s so handy to use for pens, notebooks, lip glosses, hand creams and that sort of thing.

2.  I’m sure you’ve heard of the eos lip balm balls.  We’ve gone through a few of these now.  I’ve finished two, Zara ate one and the kids all have one in their back packs to use at school.  Now that cooler weather is here, lips become dry and chapped. These are so easy to use and leave your lips soft and smoochable!  This “sweet mint” flavor is my favourite.  It’s fresh, yet has a soft, vanilla scent to it.

3. I must add a food item, of course!  These Brookside dark chocolate covered fruit chews are so good!  I’ve heard good things about them and so I tried them and Mmmm… is all I’ll say.  Try the Acai & Blueberry kind.

4.  These plastic frames from IKEA are great for kids’ rooms.  They are only $0.99 each and you can fill them with photos, cards or drawings.  This red frame sits on Noah’s nightstand.  The fun sock monkey card is also from IKEA.

5.  You might have seen this plant in a previous blog post –  it’s called heather.  Its subtle, purple color is so pretty.  It can tolerate the cooler weather quite well.  That means they’re perfect for this time of year.  Heather also brings back childhood memories.  I remember as a young girl, my parents would pack all our bikes on a Saturday afternoon and we would go riding through fields of heather located in the central part of Holland (I believe).  We were always treated with ice cream or fries from a stand along the way. Those are special memories.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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