birthday recap | zara is three

Finally, the much anticipated day arrived.  Our funny, determined, strong-willed, and lovable girl turned three.  I find that at this age, it seems kids really understand the concept of celebrating their birthday.  It’s so fun to see!  The build-up of excitement and anticipation is usually a lot greater than the actual enjoyment of the celebration.  We are thankful to have her in our family.  Even though she’s the baby, she adds her fair share of joy and laugther, sadness and tears and she never fails to make her wants and wishes known.  We love you, Zara!chocalate raspberry cream cakeNaturally, my thoughts wandered back to the special moments of her arrival.  You were welcomed with love, a precious gift from above!  How quickly time passes…zara birthzara birthzara birthShe had talked about her upcoming party for weeks beforehand and had decided quite a while back that she wanted a miffy cake.  Miffy (or nijntje as she likes to say it in Dutch) is one of her favourite little characters.  So, when the grandparents came to visit we enjoyed a chocolate raspberry cream cake and we prepared a miffy cake for the little birthdayNow, on to another year.  We are excited to see your little personality grow and develop.  We pray God will give you many more happy birthdays to celebrate with us!

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