diy | balloon wreath

diy balloon wreath

For Zara’s birthday last week, I wanted to put up some bright and colorful decorations. So, I went exploring on Pinterest and came across this easy and inexpensive project.  This simple diy was a successful little project and something I can pull out to reuse for different parties in the future.

To make this craft you will need only three things, all of which I found at our local dollar store:

  • a foam wreath
  • sewing pins
  • balloons (approx. 120), choose colors to suit your color theme

diy balloon wreath

Carefully attach the balloons onto the wreath by pushing the pin through the centre of the balloon and pressing the pin completely into the into the foam.

diy balloon wreathHide any hints of the foam by filling in the front of your wreath completely – this may seem like a tedious job, however, it took me no more than 10 -15 min.

Helpful tip: the closer you place your balloons together, the fuller your wreath will look.

diy balloon wreath

and there you go… time to celebrate!

Let me know how yours turns out!

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