snaps of the week | #16


Glancing back:

  • we enjoyed a perfect, fall, savoury, bowl-licking tomato soup
  • we dove into a pile of blankets and snuggled as we listened to the wind and rain outside
  • my friend and I had lots of laughs while mastering wall-papering skills in their beautiful new home
  • we heard a lot of Ava’s sweet voice as she “reads across Canada”
  • I found the perfect, plaid blanket scarf as per my sister’s advice
  • Noah has been anxiously counting down the days to his birthday and has settled on a birthday cake choice

Looking ahead:

  • Isabella and Noah start another round of swimming lessons
  • the kids have a few days off next week, which means lazy mornings in our PJs
  • we have something very fun planned for Noah’s birthday
  • parent/teacher interviews
  • time for Christmas carols

A great weekend to you all!

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