snaps of the week | #17


Glancing back:
  • we had some unusually, warm, sunny days for November
  • I tried plain coconut water for the first time – not a fan…yet
  • we celebrated Noah’s 6th birthday by going on a little family getaway (more details in a later post!)
  • the kids begged me to buy pomegranates after eyeing them in the grocery store – they were yummy and worth the disastrous mess the deseeding created
  • we are happy that the kids are progressing well at school and thankful for wonderful teachers
  • Ava and Isabella were taught how to play Monopoly Deal by their patient papa
Looking ahead:
  • I need to get my hands on some chalkpaint for a desk I want to paint for the older girls’ room
  • IKEA!!!  I can’t wait for a day out with a dear friend next week
  • Noah is looking forward to having a little party for his friends
  • our van needs to be thoroughly cleaned
  • Isabella is invited to go to “Build a Bear” with her friend this weekend – she can hardly wait even though her caring and considerate little mind is worried that she won’t be able to make one for all her siblings
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