snaps of the week | #18

snaps of the week

Glancing back:
  • it was so amusing to see our niece being completely surprised at her vintage-themed bridal shower – what a fun night!
  • our town put on a beautiful, solemn Rememberance Day ceremony
  • Zara’s belly had hippucks
  • Noah did a little speech at school about our bunny, Alexander – since I was gone for the day and am still hesitant (scared) to pick our furry friend, Johannes was kind enough to bring him to school and help Noah introduce him to his classmates
  • Isabella was so fed up with her loose tooth that she grabbed some yarn and tried to extract it herself by using the “piece of string and a door handle” method – it was an unsuccessful procedure
  • my friend and I had a great day out – to our disappointment, IKEA was understocked due to renovations but with a yummy latte in hand, we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless
Looking ahead:
  • praying for those affected by the horrific attacks in Paris
  • I’m planning to sort through the kids’ closets and start a donation pile
  • I want to try to make pulled pork for the first time – my friend served us a delicious version last week which I’m hoping she’ll share the recipe of with me
  • ironing – that pile keeps staring at me
Have a lovely weekend!
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