random favourites |#5

Hello friends!

I hope you’re having a great Thursday evening so far!  Last night, we indulged into some spiced, hot chocolate which was very delicious.  I think I might make myself some more!  The weather changed today from a mild morning to a cold and windy evening.  There is snow in the forecast!

It’s time to share another collection of favourite things from around our home!  There were a lot of neat, little things that caught me eye but for now I’ll show you these.

random favourites1.  These cute, little creatures are from IKEA  There have various different animals in a range of fun, bright colors.  They are only $1.50 each and are great to tie to a child’s gift or to give just to a little boy or girl for a big smile.

2.  I came across these simple, spiky plants earlier this month and they are perfect for me.  Somehow,  I manage to kill nearly any plant in our home.  These will actually stand a chance.  They are considered air plants, meaning they don’t need to be planted.  A weekly spray or rinse under the tap will keep them alive.  I placed them in little white pots for a simple look in our bathroom.

3.  This body spray, called Sugar Violet, is from H&M.  It comes in a little round bottle and has soft, sweet and subtle fragrance.  The older girls love to spray on a little splash in the morning, just before they head to school.

4.  I mentioned earlier that I found the perfect, plaid scarf.  Well, here it is!  I picked this up at a home and gift shop.  It doesn’t have an actual label attached to it.  It’s huge and very comfy and soft around my neck!  I might use it for our Christmas card pictures this year!

5.  “Spot it Jr.!” the animal version – this is a great, fast-paced family game!  Noah got this from a friend for his birthday and we have all been playing it.  The tin says, “there is always one, and only one animal match between any 2 cards.  Spot it and you win.”  Great gift idea for any child!

6.  I love these little, mushroom ornaments, also from IKEA.  They remind me of a children’s song we used to sing in Kindergarten.

Until next month!

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