snaps of the week | #19

Glancing back:

  • we enjoyed some rich, spiced, hot chocolate this week – I might share the recipe sometime soon!
  • we tragically ended the life of a skunk this week by driving over it – the stench though…
  • we feasted on a delicious fundraiser dinner at school
  • Lice!!!! It’s been going around and sure enough I found some of the creepy crawlers in one of our kids’ hair – they’re gone for now but my scalp still feels itchy – just my imagination, I hope
  • we watched “Boychoir” this week and we loved it – beautiful story, similar to “August Rush”

Looking ahead:

  • our first Christmas concert is next week
  • I’m hoping to head to the hospital and have a quick peek at a set of sweet twin girls, born to acquaintances of ours
  • planning to keep working on Noah’s scarf that I started crocheting
  • help the girls practise their Christmas songs on the piano

Enjoy your weeked!  Tiny snowflakes are falling outside… I hope they’re here to stay!

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