snaps of the week | #20

Glancing back:

  • the kids had “wacky hair day” at school this week – Ava choose a bird’s nest updo, we formed Isabella’s hair into a chocolate cupcake party plate and after a few different spike-style attempts, we had a hurricane and tornado go through Noah’s hair for a messy hair look 
  • we had our first snowfall this week – the early sunny mornings made for some very pretty scenes
  • Zara is potty trained!  It’s been a long time coming with a few attempts but this week her stubborn, little self made up her mind and was trained within a few days
  • we received the kids’ reports cards this week and are glad they’re doing well in school – it’s always nice to find out what their teachers’ perspectives on them is compared to ours at home
  • Johannes and I enjoyed a night out last night – it’s always great to spend some time together and catch up on life -the beef carpaccio we shared over a glass of wine was fantastic!

Looking ahead:

  • we have a Christmas dinner to attend which is hosted for all those who volunteer at the thrift store – this should be amusing as we are asked to dress up using clothes off the racks in the store
  • our outdoor planters need to be filled with fresh greenery – that will be on my to-do list today
  • I need to get our Christmas cards finalized 
  • the kids have been wanting to bake cookies and package them up nicely to give to our neighbors 

Have a lovely Saturday, y’all!

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