snaps of the week | #21

snaps of the week

Glancing back:

  • it’s December! – this week was a busy one, with either one or both of us having to leave the house each night – the highlight being a dress-up appreciation dinner at the thrift store
  • Zara received a cozy and comfy snowflake sweater from her Oma- it’s her favourite
  • last night it was just the kids, my niece and I at home –  we spent the evening in our PJ’s, drinking hot chocolate, eating too many snacks and watching a fun, family movie
  • brown paper boxes tied up with tape appeared on our front porch – great Black Friday sales!

Looking ahead:

  • I’m volunteering at the thrift store today – Saturday isn’t the most ideal day for it, but the hustling and bustling of shoppers at this time of year make it so much more fun
  • I look forward to heading to the mailbox each day as we anticipate the arrival of Christmas cards
  • all of us girls in the family are due for a hair trim – hopefully we can squeeze that in this week
  • the kids have a lot of music to practise and passages to memorize for Christmas programs coming up
  • preparing a meal for a friend who just had a baby

What are you up to this weekend?  Whether you’re heading out, relaxing at home or enjoying the company of friends, I hope it’s a happy one!

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