upcycled sweater stockings | diy

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I just wanted to share a quick, little project that we worked on earlier this week!  Each year we do a small gift exchange with our little family on Christmas Eve but the stiff, red, see-through, felt stockings from the dollar store last year just didn’t cut it. So, we cut some of our own.  Rummaging through our closets, we found some used, worn, itchy, stretched-out sweaters that we haven’t worn in a long time.

stocking 1

Using a cardboard outline, we cut a stocking out of each sweater and sewed the pieces together.  Some decorative buttons, and voila!

stocking 3


While we try focus on the real meaning of Christmas during the holiday season, seeing the littles empty their socks with delight, while enjoying hot chocolate and loads of yummy food, is a memorable tradition we enjoy on the eve before Christmas.


There they are.  They’ll be sneakily filled with thoughtfully crafted gifts and sweet little presents.

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