snaps of the week | #25


Glancing back:

  • 2015 – a year of change, happiness, growth, sadness, love and so many other experiences in between – another chapter in this story called life is over
  • this week was filled with fun activities for the kids, including, swimming, bowling, eating out, a birthday party, sleepovers, hot tub parties – this meant a lot of tired, little people at the end of each day and perfect opportunities for us to sleep in each morning
  • on Dec. 31, we made oliebollen and apple beignets (traditional Dutch, deep-fried, New Years pastries) and enjoyed them around a fire, along with the company of lots of family and friends – they turned out pretty delicious as all 200 of them were shared and eaten by the end of the day
  • the kids stayed up until just after midnight on New Year’s Eve – along with some of my siblings and their families, we did a countdown, before going around the room, sharing New Year hugs – after the kids fell asleep, Johannes and I opened a champagne bottle and shared some celebratory bubbly together
  • we were thrilled to have just the tiniest bit of snow this week – we are craving for more though

Looking ahead:

  • 2016 – we would like to send you all our best wishes for a wonderful, blessed, safe and happy new year!!!
  • any new year resolutions for me? nothing in particular, as I always struggle to keep them – I will be focusing on the healthy eating department, though, as we’ve indulged on everything delicious that caught our eyes during the last few weeks
  • even though this Christmas break was much-needed for the kids, I think we are ready for school routine again – this means scheduled wake-up, bedtimes and meals and such
  •  a root canal is on my agenda for next week – I will never get used to sitting in a dental chair and I’ve tried to think of numerous excuses to postpone this, but it must be done


Cheers to a new year!

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