snaps of the week | #26


Glancing back:

  • big news – our house is SOLD!!!!!!
  • Isabella is preparing for her “all about me” speech next week – she’s slightly nervous as this is her first major, oral presentation but prepping posters, thinking of fun things of the past to share, and doing her well-known, cross-eyed talent show certainly makes it exciting
  • we dined on some very delicious home-made pizzas
  • my visit to the dentist this week was a little less than pleasant – but we pulled through and rather than fixing the molar, I said good-bye to it
  • Zara enjoyed having me all to herself again – I had numerous medical checkups and hair appointments as she played doctor and hairstylist roles each day
Looking ahead:
  • Ava is looking forward to celebrating her birthday next week – she just can’t think of anything to write on her wish list – suggestions anyone?!
  • we are hosting a bridal shower for 4 happy brides at church next week – lots of planning involved with that
  • we will be starting to organize, clean, pack and all the fun stuff that comes with moving – we have just over a month to get it all done
  • choir practice resumes again – it feels good to sing but I’m also looking forward to catching up with my choir friends

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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