snaps of the week | #27


Glancing back:

  • the kids were thrilled to finally have their first school cancellation earlier this week – we decided to put most household duties on hold, head outdoors to embark into the heaps of snow and drink hot chocolate – it was a great day
  • Noah has been building some interesting structures and machinery out of LEGO lately – it’s amazing how perfectly symmetrical he puts it all together
  • Isabella’s speech went so well yesterday – it’s amusing to see how much she enjoys public speaking  – proud of her!
  • we had a very enjoyable evening at our church bridal shower this week – the four brides were spoiled with enormous mountains of gifts – there was much delicious food and it was great to mingle with everyone there
  • it was just the kids, our cousin and myself at home last night – we were all in our PJ’s before our pizza order arrived and enjoyed a fun, family movie together

Looking ahead:

  • It’s Ava’s birthday! – a sweet and sappy post on that later today
  • we’re heading out for breakfast this morning and hope to dig into a delightful, lemon cake later today when the grandparents visit
  • Johannes will be quite occupied with work-related things next week. However, I don’t have too much planned – this means I can get a good head start to organizing and packing as I didn’t get around to doing any of that this week

Happy weekend to you all!!

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