20 things to do this winter


It’s January.  For me, this time of year always feels a bit dull.  The festivities that come with Christmas and New Years are over and several long, cold winter months lie ahead.  The fresh, bright and alive spring season still seems so far away.

imageI decided to compile a list of fun activities to do this for time of year.  I quickly realized that winter does not need to be a time of boring hibernation!  There are so many things to do, both indoors and outdoors.


This is a list of activities you can do together as a couple, with your kids, with family and friends or just by yourself!

~ 20 winter activities ~

  • bundle up and go for a long walk along familiar trails – the sights are so different when covered with snow
  • visit a bookstore, such as Chapters (preferably with an in-store coffee shop), together – enjoy the peace and quiet while browsing through books and magazines with a coffee in hand – this is one of my favourite date ideas!
  • attend a one-night cooking class with a friend
  • with the kids, build an upside-down snowman
  • organize a cook-off challenge with friends or family ( soups, casseroles, pies and the like work well) – have everyone bring their dish and choose a winner before eating it all
  • read a new book
  • try a new winter sport such as snow-shoeing
  • plan weekly visits to the library with the kids
  • build a bonfire and gather round with some spiced hot chocolate – for a recipe that I posted a few weeks ago, click here
  • visit the big city and use city transportation to get around
  • plan a sledding party with family and friends
  • learn more about your area’s history by visiting a local museum
  • try a new recipe
  • buy some ready-to-use modelling clay (Crayola brand is great) and spend the afternoon forming various creations with the kids
  • plan a tea party
  • find a great discount for a one-night stay at a nearby hotel (preferably with pool) and enjoy a mini vacation
  • instead of dining out, prepare a surprise gourmet dinner for Valentine’s Day
  • visit pinterest for a DIY project idea such as: making a body scrub, sewing blankets, making jewelry, etc.
  • attend a pottery class
  • go skating at a city center skating rink, where hot chocolate and warm snacks are often available


I hope this inspires you a little on days in which you feel cooped up!  If you have any more suggestions, please do share!

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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