snaps of the week | #29


Glancing back:

  • earlier this week, Johannes helped the kids set up an old, electric train which belonged to their great grandfather – after some adjustments, they got the family heirloom to rumble down the tracks
  • we purchased a new piano this week – Johannes found a used baby grand online – the lady selling it had a hard time letting it go, but when she heard that our girls play, she was quite pleased to know that it’ll be used for years to come!
  • Johannes surprised us by taking home delicious pizza for supper this week which meant I could skip my culinary duties – we don’t generally take out or eat out during the week so this was enjoyed by all
  • Ava and I spent a few hours working on her speech this week – the topic: How Pandas are Different from other Bears – as the kids are growing up and receiving increasingly more homework, I’m learning so much myself too

Looking ahead:

  • a new month starts next week! – a big month for us as we hope to leave our dear, ย little abode of about 10 years, but new beginnings are ahead and we are excited
  • Johannes and I are going away together this evening and are looking forward to enjoying some dinner, a little shopping and a stroll through a home show
  • the kids have a day off next week – this will be a perfect opportunity for them to sort through their 2,387 teddies and stuffed animals and decide which ones they would like to give away – it will be a sad day, I’m thinking but we’ll have to plan something fun to make up for it

Until next week!

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