snaps of the week | #30


Glancing back:

  • we’ve had such unusually warm weather this week – I sat on our back deck yesterday, sipping away on my morning coffee, taking in the sun rays – it’s been pleasant but we are still hoping for a good snowfall as we haven’t done any sledding yet
  • a friend of ours kindly made us one of our favourite casseroles earlier this week, giving me time to focus on packing, etc.
  • Zara joined the giant teddy bears on the store shelf, making an elderly couple giggle as they walked by
  • on Wednesday night, I met up with a long-time friend and chatted over some delicious food and wine – we’ve been friends ever since early elementary school and I don’t think there are many others with whom I share so many memories, both happy and sad – it was another tears-of-laughter-rolling-down-your-cheek kind of evening
  • our creative, doodle/scribble-loving Isabella got an award for printing neatly this week – a big accomplishment for her!

Looking ahead:

  • we have a family wedding next week!  Johannes’ niece is getting married and we are excited to celebrate with them – they will look stunning, I’m sure – looking forward to a happy day with them!
  • we are starting to move things over to our new home today – Johannes filled a trailer full of garage/shed items as well as totes and boxes that I’ve packed
  • my sweet niece is coming over today to make a snowman craft with the kids – they love it when she comes as she always entertains them with fun activities, snuggles and stories

Until next week!

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