pork tenderloin with basil cream sauce

Happy Wednesday to you!  I thought to emerge from the towers of moving boxes that are filling our house to quickly pop by and share something mouth-watering we have enjoyed recently.


I came across this recipe when trying to decide what to do with two pork tenderloins that have been living in my freezer for a while.  While we don’t often eat pork, this recipe was so successful that I prepared it again for a friend who recently had a baby.

With basil being one of my favourite herbs, and that combined with lemon and garlic, resulted in a flavorful, zesty pastse.  This is very easy to prepare and the cream sauce is so savory and delicious. (*I doubled the recipe for two tenderloins)

I followed the recipe almost precisely, however, I added an additional step: before placing the meat into the oven, I seared the tenderloins in a Dutch oven, using some butter for just a few minutes.  I saved the searing juices and added the remaining paste and heavy cream to the pan to prepare the sauce.


We were amazed at how tender the meat was.  It pares well with roasted/mashed potatoes and any type of vegetable, or serve it on a bed of rice along with a salad – an easy, yet delicious and complete meal idea for any day or occasion!


I hope this turns out for you as well as it did for us!

I’ll be back on Saturday with our “snaps of the week”, but for now, I’m going to organize and clean our fridge!

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