snaps of the week | #32


Looking back:

  • what a busy and bittersweet week it’s been! – we played our final Sunday night game in our former kitchen and erased the blackboard one last time and then we moved – we are mostly settled in, and are still adjusting to new sleeping arrangements, opening numerous kitchen drawers when looking for something and constantly moving items around- we’ve been particularly enjoying sitting around the fireplace – something we didn’t have at our old home
  • we’re so grateful for the help we received from family and friends this week in so many ways – helping with the move, cleaning, looking after the kids and some delicious meals – we’ve been truly spoiled
  • one sweet moment this week was hearing Noah tell Zara a Bible story – since all our books were still packed, including the children’s Bible storybook, Noah decided that this regular ritual should not be skipped so as they were tucked into bed with the door being open by just a thin crack, I could hear his loud, deep voice, full of expression, repeating the same sentences over and over about the strong and mighty Samson as a tiny, Β high-pitched voice kept saying, “what?! pawdon?!”

Looking ahead:

  • Uncle Matt is visiting – I look forward to having my brother over for a few days which will mean some potential late nights and great conversations – Noah can’t wait to show him the Lego he has collected since he was over last and has great plans to continue building fancy structures with one of his favourite uncles
  • I’m hoping we can squeeze in an IKEA trip somewhere next week as we need some window coverings and other odds and ends
  • we look forward to a fundraiser evening at our school tonight – the kids are excited to mingle with their friends and the food served is always very delicious

Have a happy weekend!

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