snaps of the week |#33


Looking back:

  • Johannes and I went to IKEA last night to pick up some odds and ends for this home and we decided to purchase a bookshelf unit for all the books that we have collected over years – we’ve always wanted to display them and we found a perfect spot for them here
  • it was nice to have my brother over this week – I spent most of the day with him on Thursday, visiting a bookstore, enjoying some lunch at a soup cafe and strolling through the mall  – it was nice to catch up with him
  • Ava and Isabella had a sleepover at their cousin Priscilla’s house this week – it was Priscilla’s birthday and they had a lot of fun they said, sleeping in one bed, however, I think they need to catch up on some sleep this weekend
  • we found little mouse droppings – ahhh! I can’t handle the idea of these little rodents living with us but the kids refuse to let us do something about it – they have hidden the mousetraps we bought and are hoping they can lure them into their playfort so they can be pets – Noah especially can’t understand how we could possibly do anything to these “little animals of God’s creation” – so it’s a real struggle, folks

Looking ahead:

  • today is a busy day for both Johannes and I – Johannes is going to tackle putting together the IKEA project with most of the kids around (what a great man he is!) and I have to volunteer at the thrift store where a huge, winter blowout sale is being held this weekend so I’m thinking it will be very busy which I love – I might take Ava and Isabella with me for a few hours as they love to play with the used toys, dress-up or watch old VHS movies in the warehouse while I’m working
  • we have two birthdays next week!! – Johannes and Isabella – we’ll be eating lots of cake
  • I’m planning to paint an old, wooden desk this week – it fits perfectly in a little corner in our kitchen right by a window – I’m excited to have my own bright, little space to organize the mail, school papers and other stationary things


Do you have a busy weekend planned?  I hope it’s a lovely one!!!

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