snaps of the week | #37


Looking back:

  • the beginning of the week was spent by lounging like lazy lizzards around the home, sleeping in, wearing PJs ’till noon, tending to sick people, crafting, unhealthy snacking, playing chess, watching movies and the occasional clean-up
  • Johannes took a few days off and we had fun spending two nights away in Toronto later in the week, using discounted city passes that we found – the kids were quite impressed with the big city experience as Isabella remarked “is this fake?” when we drove through the high-risers, not seeing anything green
  • the city pass included 5 attractions to see – we didn’t cram them all in as we also wanted to relax, lounge and swim at our hotel, so we visited the ones that would most appeal to the kids – Ontario Science Centre, Ripley’s Aquarium and the CN Tower
  • the flu seems to keep lingering around our household – Zara was quite sick earlier this week and Noah isn’t feeling himself since last night

Looking ahead:

  • Isabella and I, the only ones not hit with the flu, plan to eat oranges all day today, hoping the vitamin C will shield us from this mean thing!
  • today is a busy day – the kids start another session of swimming lessons, I’m volunteering at the thrift store, the house needs some cleaning, groceries need to be bought but it’ll feel good to be busy and get some work done
  • we have some dentist appointments scheduled for the kids next week and I’m nervous – we’ve been trying to warm up Zara to the idea, as she’s terrified – we’ve tried to practice by having her recline and open her mouth to count her teeth, told her about the treasure box, watch a Peppa Pig dentist episode but to no avail – she might create more drama than Isabella did, who bit the dentist’s finger out of anger, during her first visit

Wishing you a most blessed and hope-filled Easter weekend!

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snaps of the week | #36


Looking back:

  • the flu came to visit – Ava started to feel sick on Monday and had to miss her “trip” to China as well as presenting her speech, Johannes started feeling sick yesterday and some of the others were also feeling a little off – it’s a tough bug that’s going around and I hope it doesn’t affect any others in our home
  • on the upside, March Break officially started for us yesterday, and even though some of us were still feeling a little icky, we decided to bundle up and head to the park to catch some fresh air
  • Isabella presented her poem at the speech contest – considering she was last to present and so having had to wait with jittery nerves built up inside, she did so well and the audience was left giggling as she walked off the stage
  • Johannes challenged me to a game of chess last Sunday night – I think it was my second time ever and my king was conquered in very little time, but sitting in front of the fireplace together, with a glass of wine alongside us, couldn’t make me care any less

Looking ahead:

  • Bella is invited to her friend’s house today – she’s excited as they don’t see each other often and they’ll be attending a jewelry making class!
  • the kids are excited about next week and so are we – we have some outings planned and look forward to a little break away from school and work
  • the sun is just starting to peek over the roof tops across the street, it always brings so much light into the living room – it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day – time to pour a cup of coffee and get our Saturday breakfast started!

Until next time!


snaps of the week | #35


Looking back:

  • spring has arrived! – with refreshing, warmer temperatures the kids have been going outside, testing the new sidewalks by riding their bikes, rollerblading and greeting every dog and it’s owner that stroll by – I brought some plants into the home to celebrate the new season, hoping they will surive, of course
  • I finally managed to sew new curtains for our master bedroom and the entrance area – a late night project during which Johannes was kind enough to help me hang them up
  • the girls completed their school swimming lesson session this week and along with Noah are signed up for a new session – this week, Isabella and Noah were also signed up for soccer – this spring will be filled with lots of activity as we come out of hibernation 🙂
  • Johannes and I enjoyed a lovely dinner last night – we signed up for a formal dinner at school (fundraiser) in a beautifully decorated gym – both our meals were fantastic and we enjoyed some great company as well

Looking ahead:

  • the kids and I are going to enjoy a relaxing, hearty brunch in our PJs this morning, while Johannes is at a breakfast meeting – this is a first Saturday in a long time in which we don’t have anything planned so this will be a good day to get some things done around the home together
  • the kids have one more week of school until they have March Break/Easter weekend – their little minds are ready for a break and it’ll be nice for them to sleep a little longer in the mornings – I look forward to having them home and we are planning to do some fun activities!
  • Ava and her class are “travelling” to China next week – she will be picking up her passport on Monday, board the plane and go on various excursions, learn some greetings, eat at a Chinese restaurant and she promises to send us a post card – this is a highlight in Grade 3 and she has been excited about it all year!

Thanks for dropping by and wishing you a happy weekend!

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isabella turns 8!

Last week, Isabella turned 8 and what a fun day she had celebrating!  Her cousin slept over, she was spoiled with many gifts, she decorated her own cake and later in the day she hosted a lot of little ladies for a party.

Looking back, she arrived right in the middle of the biggest, winter storm of the year.  A beautiful, little daughter and sister.








As little girl, she was sweet, yet displayed a most fiery personality when things didn’t go her way.  It’s been so amusing to see her develop into who she is today.

Today, she’s a sweet, kind soul – patient, always able to cheer anyone up, ready lend a helping hand and she gives the biggest hugs.  She has a huge imagination and can perform many humorous impersonations.

We love you so much, Bella.








Happy birthday, dear Bellaboo!


snaps of the week | #34


Looking back:

  • the kids enjoyed a snow day this week – we haven’t had many this year and this weeks’ was especially enjoyed as it was their papa’s birthday – we had a relaxed breakfast together!
  • my phone crashed this week!  I’m sad about losing all my recent pictures but I’m thankful that Johannes arranged a temporary different phone for me – I had to pull out our regular camera for capturing this week’s
  • I’ve won so many free coffees with Tim Horton’s Roll up the Rim prize campaign – this year, all but one have been winning cups
  • Johannes spent hours putting together bookcases last Saturday and we filled them that night – they look great, filling a large, empty space in our living room
  • Ava was selected to present her speech at the school speech contest later this month – we’re so proud of our shy, big girl – she’s nervous but it will be a great learning experience for her

Looking ahead:

  • it’s Isabella’s birthday today!  the girls will be decorating her cake together this morning and she’s excited to host eight of her friends for a party this afternoon
  • next week looks to be a quiet week for myself – which is welcomed, as this week was quite busy and I didn’t have much opportunity to do much in the house – I have some more rearranging and painting of furniture that I would like get completed
  • we have spring-like temperatures forecasted for next week – this means we might soon be able to make a trip to the sugar bush and try some of this year’s maple syrup

I hope your week was wonderful!

Until next week,

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happy birthday to my darling

Happy birthday to our dear papa and loving husband.




The kids were home today due to a snow day and so having breakfast together and having a just a bit more time for the gift opening ceremony was special.

There were many little notes and drawings filled with lots of birthday love.  The sweet, homemade little gifts are the best!

We celebrate you especially today but each and every day is a reason for us to be thankful for you!  We love you and pray that we may have many more special years together.

happy birthday,

love me.