snaps of the week | #34


Looking back:

  • the kids enjoyed a snow day this week – we haven’t had many this year and this weeks’ was especially enjoyed as it was their papa’s birthday – we had a relaxed breakfast together!
  • my phone crashed this week! ย I’m sad about losing all my recent pictures but I’m thankful that Johannes arranged a temporary different phone for me – I had to pull out our regular camera for capturing this week’s
  • I’ve won so many free coffees with Tim Horton’s Roll up the Rim prize campaign – this year, all but one have been winning cups
  • Johannes spent hours putting together bookcases last Saturday and we filled them that night – they look great, filling a large, empty space in our living room
  • Ava was selected to present her speech at the school speech contest later this month – we’re so proud of our shy, big girl – she’s nervous but it will be a great learning experience for her

Looking ahead:

  • it’s Isabella’s birthday today! ย the girls will be decorating her cake together this morning and she’s excited to host eight of her friends for a party this afternoon
  • next week looks to be a quiet week for myself – which is welcomed, as this week was quite busy and I didn’t have much opportunity to do much in the house – I have some more rearranging and painting of furniture that I would like get completed
  • we have spring-like temperatures forecasted for next week – this means we might soon be able to make a trip to the sugar bush and try some of this year’s maple syrup

I hope your week was wonderful!

Until next week,

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