snaps of the week | #35


Looking back:

  • spring has arrived! – with refreshing, warmer temperatures the kids have been going outside, testing the new sidewalks by riding their bikes, rollerblading and greeting every dog and it’s owner that stroll by – I brought some plants into the home to celebrate the new season, hoping they will surive, of course
  • I finally managed to sew new curtains for our master bedroom and the entrance area – a late night project during which Johannes was kind enough to help me hang them up
  • the girls completed their school swimming lesson session this week and along with Noah are signed up for a new session – this week, Isabella and Noah were also signed up for soccer – this spring will be filled with lots of activity as we come out of hibernation πŸ™‚
  • Johannes and I enjoyed a lovely dinner last night – we signed up for a formal dinner at school (fundraiser) in a beautifully decorated gym – both our meals were fantastic and we enjoyed some great company as well

Looking ahead:

  • the kids and I are going to enjoy a relaxing, hearty brunch in our PJs this morning, while Johannes is at a breakfast meeting – this is a first Saturday in a long time in which we don’t have anything planned so this will be a good day to get some things done around the home together
  • the kids have one more week of school until they have March Break/Easter weekend – their little minds are ready for a break and it’ll be nice for them to sleep a little longer in the mornings – I look forward to having them home and we are planning to do some fun activities!
  • Ava and her class are “travelling” to China next week – she will be picking up her passport on Monday, board the plane and go on various excursions, learn some greetings, eat at a Chinese restaurant and she promises to send us a post card – this is a highlight in Grade 3 and she has been excited about it all year!

Thanks for dropping by and wishing you a happy weekend!

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