snaps of the week | #36


Looking back:

  • the flu came to visit – Ava started to feel sick on Monday and had to miss her “trip” to China as well as presenting her speech, Johannes started feeling sick yesterday and some of the others were also feeling a little off – it’s a tough bug that’s going around and I hope it doesn’t affect any others in our home
  • on the upside, March Break officially started for us yesterday, and even though some of us were still feeling a little icky, we decided to bundle up and head to the park to catch some fresh air
  • Isabella presented her poem at the speech contest – considering she was last to present and so having had to wait with jittery nerves built up inside, she did so well and the audience was left giggling as she walked off the stage
  • Johannes challenged me to a game of chess last Sunday night – I think it was my second time ever and my king was conquered in very little time, but sitting in front of the fireplace together, with a glass of wine alongside us, couldn’t make me care any less

Looking ahead:

  • Bella is invited to her friend’s house today – she’s excited as they don’t see each other often and they’ll be attending a jewelry making class!
  • the kids are excited about next week and so are we – we have some outings planned and look forward to a little break away from school and work
  • the sun is just starting to peek over the roof tops across the street, it always brings so much light into the living room – it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day – time to pour a cup of coffee and get our Saturday breakfast started!

Until next time!



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