snaps of the week | #37


Looking back:

  • the beginning of the week was spent by lounging like lazy lizzards around the home, sleeping in, wearing PJs ’till noon, tending to sick people, crafting, unhealthy snacking, playing chess, watching movies and the occasional clean-up
  • Johannes took a few days off and we had fun spending two nights away in Toronto later in the week, using discounted city passes that we found – the kids were quite impressed with the big city experience as Isabella remarked “is this fake?” when we drove through the high-risers, not seeing anything green
  • the city pass included 5 attractions to see – we didn’t cram them all in as we also wanted to relax, lounge and swim at our hotel, so we visited the ones that would most appeal to the kids – Ontario Science Centre, Ripley’s Aquarium and the CN Tower
  • the flu seems to keep lingering around our household – Zara was quite sick earlier this week and Noah isn’t feeling himself since last night

Looking ahead:

  • Isabella and I, the only ones not hit with the flu, plan to eat oranges all day today, hoping the vitamin C will shield us from this mean thing!
  • today is a busy day – the kids start another session of swimming lessons, I’m volunteering at the thrift store, the house needs some cleaning, groceries need to be bought but it’ll feel good to be busy and get some work done
  • we have some dentist appointments scheduled for the kids next week and I’m nervous – we’ve been trying to warm up Zara to the idea, as she’s terrified – we’ve tried to practice by having her recline and open her mouth to count her teeth, told her about the treasure box, watch a Peppa Pig dentist episode but to no avail – she might create more drama than Isabella did, who bit the dentist’s finger out of anger, during her first visit

Wishing you a most blessed and hope-filled Easter weekend!

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