snaps of the week |#38


Looking back:

  • so this week was Alexander’s (our bunny) 1st birthday and the kids had been planning for this for quite a while – we prepared a cake made up of pureed vegetables and topped with grated carrot, we wrapped some toys that we thought bunnies would enjoy, but when the moment arrived, Alexander wanted nothing to do with it;  all he wanted to do was lay on Isabella’s lap – resulting in some mumbles and glum faces and then the party was over
  • after a busy week, a friend treated me to dinner last night and I appreciated getting out as Johannes stayed home with the kids
  • besides the usual piano practice that we hear from time to time, there is a new student in the home – Peppa Pig has been having lessons almost daily, and although his fingers can’t reach the keys, he’s able to play quite well with his nose while his teacher sings along
  • our blender broke a while back and since we use it often for smoothies we decided to order a new one using collector points so I looked online and chose one that had good ratings – when it arrived earlier in the week and we opened the box, we discovered an enormous, commercial-sized machine, a bit of a surprise, however, it works amazing and we’ve been using it daily

Looking ahead:

  • Noah has been intrigued by a soup recipe book that we have and I told him to choose one that looked most delicious to him and I would prepare it – he decided that Jerusalem Artichoke Soup was the one – other than mixed through dips, we don’t eat artichokes so I hope it will be a successful challenge
  • we have our first choir concert of the season tonight – Johannes and the kids are coming to enjoy it
  • it’s April!  We’ve had some dark and rainy days around here – I can’t wait until the plants start blooming making the outdoors come to life again – for now it’s time to start this busy day by making coffee and getting out the bacon, eggs and sausages – we love Saturday morning breakfasts!

Wishing you all a great weekend and a wonderful week ahead!

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