snaps of the week | #39


Looking back:
  • we had to dig out all our recently-washed and stored winter gear as we were surprised by a snowfall at the beginning of the week – we haven’t had a harsh winter so complaining doesn’t seem fair but oh spring, where are you?
  • our dentist appointments went quite well, other than a few tears due to the large, robotic-looking X-ray machine, it was quite a pleasant experience 🙂
  • the kids have been occupied with playmobil this week by setting up a school, zoo and a house – it’s great to see them take off their gear after school and hurry back to playing
  • what was supposed to be a quiet Friday night, turned into a fun and social evening yesterday evening, as we had some family and friends dropped in – we planned to play a board game but never came around to doing so as we kept chatting around the fireplace – a little sleepy this morning, but that’s ok

Looking ahead:

  • Ava and Isabella each have a friend who are also sisters and we are planning to do a switch after swimming lessons today so they can both enjoy a play date
  • we are waiting for an overdue, little baby cousin to arrive any day – hopefully this little man won’t make his mama wait much longer
  • next week looks to be a pretty quiet week – some of the kids will be writing their bi-annual CAT tests at school which means bedtimes will be early – hopefully the weather warms up a little and we can fit in a nice, long walk sometime!

Have a good weekend!

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